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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Happy camper (Inside Housing latest)

Happy camper 24 March 2015 | By Jess McCabe Jess McCabe goes to housing camp with Jayne Hilditch, housing’s premier adreneline-junkie tech geek Source: Guzelian Jayne Hilditch isn’t conventional. So, of course, it’s impossible to conduct a conventional interview with her. Inside Housing is following the social media-savvy corporate services director for Thames Valley Housing, as she wanders about a…

In These Cases of Abuse, Her Money Was No Defense (Women’s eNews latest)

In These Cases of Abuse, Her Money Was No Defense By Jess McCabe WeNews correspondent Tuesday, March 3, 2015 When women are in a better financial position than their abusers it often helps them end the relationship. But it’s no guarantee. Here two women in atypical financial situations tell their storie LONDON (WOMENSENEWS)– “It might sound really strange,” cautions Rita,…