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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Kriss Akabusi: Overcoming hurdles

Kriss Akabusi’s most famous race might be the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, when he pushed Britain to a gold medal and broke numerous records in the 4×400 relay. “I’ve got a heart for young people.” Kriss Akabusi Today’s location couldn’t be more of a contrast: the Aragon Housing Association office in Bedfordshire in 2015, munching sandwiches. Mr Akabusi unleashes…

Fire drill (Inside Housing)

A day with the fire service… If you were thrown into a life-or-death situation tomorrow, would you snap calmly into action? If you work with disabled, older and possibly frail tenants, the question of what to do in an emergency takes on even greater importance. “We train our ILAs on a regular basis, but doing a table-top exercise is one…