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Monthly Archives: January 2018

No place like home: raising children in unsuitable temporary housing (Inside Housing)

What’s it like trying to raise a baby in cramped and dangerous temporary housing? Jess McCabe investigates.  Illustration by Jonathan Gibbs How do you teach a baby to crawl? What should be their first food? How do you toilet train a toddler? Should you let your baby sleep in your bed? These are questions all new parents ask. But if you’re homeless, finding…

Housing’s diversity challenge (Inside Housing)

I’m really proud of this research – a repeat of a survey I came up with two years ago, this research has helped inform the magazine’s new ‘Inclusive Futures’ campaign to encourage diversity, which was last week’s front page story: Proud to launch our #InclusiveFutures campaign today. Triggered by @jester’s important diversity research over the past couple of years. We…