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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Most domestic violence victims rent their homes, study shows (Inside Housing)

NEWS 23/03/184:45 PM BY JESS MCCABE Domestic violence victims are much more likely to live in rented accommodation than be owner-occupiers, research has revealed. A study by sociology professor Sylvia Walby and Jude Towers of Lancaster University found that two-thirds of domestic violence victims live in rented accommodation while one-third are owner-occupiers. This is an inversion of the proportion in the general…

A good match? Geeta Nanda talks about Metropolitan’s planned merger (Inside Housing)

INSIGHT 27/03/187:00 AM BY JESS MCCABE After merger plans were scrapped at Thames Valley, its chief executive Geeta Nanda moved to Metropolitan, which is now planning to merge with her former employer. Jess McCabe asks why she thinks the outcome will be different this time.  Photography by Julian Anderson “Whenever you start somewhere new, you feel like the new schoolgirl,” says Geeta Nanda. “You…