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Funding cuts place charity in jeopardy

Family Support Charity has been given a reprieve by social landlord New Charter Housing Trust which has incorporated it into the group, but the service remains at risk as a result of council cuts and a key grant coming to an end.

Tameside Council has not committed to funding the charity beyond 2013/14, which is also the final year of a £96,000 grant spread over three years from charity Tameside Trust. This leaves 18,700-home NCHT as its only secure funder.

NCHT donates £30,000 a year but stipulates the cash should only be spent on its tenants’ homes. Last year, FSC spent £85,000 leaving it with a funding gap of £55,000 – more than half its budget. If it cannot secure more funding it will only be able to service NCHT tenants.

A spokesperson for NCHT said: ‘[It’s not] right to use tenants’ money to fund the rest of the programme’

Installing security measures typically costs about £500 per home, according to NCHT. Relocating a victim costs about £2,000 to £3,000.

A spokesperson for Tameside Council said the authority is helping FSC identify new sources of funding.In the past 12 months, FSC has carried out work on more than 150 homes.

Story in this week’s Inside Housing.

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