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eflogoEnvironmental Finance magazine – where I am senior staff writer – had a recent redesign, and it is now possible to register for free and read many of the news stories I am writing there. Features are still behind a subscriber-only pay-wall, however, just for example, here is one of my stories from last week: the US Export-Import bank first decided to reject the massive Sasan Coal Project, made up of a nearly 4,000MW power plant – and a significant coal mine to feed it with fuel.  Responding to this decision, the project developer promised to build a renewable generator at some future time – and Ex-Im flipped to support the project.

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  1. Amazing Alex
    July 29, 2012 at 4:18 am

    I LOVE HUNTING LILA. I cannot wait for Losing Lila, I am DYING waiting. Maybe you can post an extract? x 😉

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