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This interview was a big hit with my colleagues in the office for some reason – I think the trilby hat was the main attraction!

Lord Adair Turner caused a ruckus by criticising the government’s green deal. Here the Climate Change Committee chair tells Jess McCabe why he spoke out and what his legacy will be

The plush, open-plan office of the Climate Change Committee is nestled in one of London’s wealthiest areas. Sloane Square – shopping central for well-to-do Londoners – seems an incongruous choice for the headquarters of an organisation aiming to ensure the UK lives within its environmental means.

Its staff, arriving for work in the fluorescent yellow jackets that identify city cyclists, are the only clue to the green mission lurking in the midst of all the refined opulence.

Lord Adair Turner, however, fits in perfectly. Like his surroundings, the 56-year-old chair of the CCC is dapper, affluent and genteel; he arrives for our meeting in a trilby, and talks in depth about the work done so far to insulate his two homes, one in a London conservation area, the other a cottage in Hampshire.

‘We were like a lot of people spending a lot of money and putting out a lot of CO2 emissions, not to heat our house but to heat the air around the house,’ he says in soft, plummy tones. ‘But even us who really care about these things [insulating] had been sitting there saying we’re going to do it for about three years before we did it.’

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