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TL; DR  Help fund story shedding light on the economics of leaving an abusive relationship I am…

TL; DR  Help fund story shedding light on the economics of leaving an abusive relationship
I am about to start a big freelance reporting project, and I need your help to try and make it happen.
My idea is to travel around the UK and interview survivors of domestic abuse about money. 
We know that domestic violence can affect anyone, rich or poor. But if you have few resources, is it actually harder to leave? And, because government cuts are snipping away at the safety net of the welfare state, is it becoming even harder still? 
We also know the number of reported cases has soared 38% since 2008, coincidentally around the start of the economic crisis.
The centre and heart of this story will be extensive interviews carried out over months, with the people who best know the answers to this question: the survivors themselves. I am not going into this with lots of preconceptions, but to truly reflect the lives and struggles of (mostly) women whose voices are not exactly heard very often. My plan is to sensitively interview survivors from all walks of life, all over the UK, and from a broad diversity of backgrounds. 
The series of stories which comes out of this will be published on Women’s eNews, which is a non-profit news wire in America that specialises in covering women’s lives. 

But, because of the complexity of this story, we are trying to crowdfund this project – it can’t be done in a couple of days reporting, because I want to interview and include the voices of lots of survivors in a whole range of different circumstances.
This is not just about making a reporting project happen – although it is a project that Women’s eNews couldn’t fund on its own. 
But this is also about testing out a new way of funding proper journalism. So this is an experiment. Can we use our crowd power to show that there is an appetite for these stories? To help pay for a story that just wouldn’t happen otherwise?
So for that reason, I am asking for your help. I am hoping you want this story to be told as much as I want to tell it. And if you are able to kick in just a few pounds/dollars, we can hopefully make this happen together.
If you are interested, but actually you’re not totally sure what sort of reporter and writer I am – you might want to have a look through my tumblr portfolio: 
Please do think about contributing if you can – or if you can’t do that right now/I haven’t convinced you, please do share this link on Twitter and Facebook, with your friends and family/forward this email to anyone you think might be interested or ablet to help.

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