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A week in journalism and blogging

Reeling them in...

Reeling them in... (Photo credit: Frank Wouters)

Two of the stories I worked on last week were about the Fukushima disaster, and I’ve got another one underway.

The aftershocks of the earthquake, and in particular the nuclear incident, look set to dominate the news in the clean energy industry for some time to come. My feature for Environmental Finance about the nuclear policy implications – and how this has affected the share price of renewables companies – is posted, but only available to subscribers. Our whole newsroom pitched in for another story, which I co-ordinated, about whether this means the planet will miss our climate targets.

More positively, Norway made its first payment to protect Guyana’s rainforests. As the story will reveal, measuring that deforestation is in fact disincentivised under the deal is a complex affair – which has garnered plenty of criticism. However, it was an excellent opportunity to post a photo of an indigenous saki monkey (which I’ve pinched for use myself here as well). Such are the discussions which go on in a modern newsroom. Each week, I argue for a special ‘cute animals’ section, on the basis that the power of cute holds sway even over bankers and investors, and each week I’m shot down. But I am still working them into the online news where I can…

A leaked report from the World Bank shows the institution is to make more loans to renewables – at the expense of coal. But plenty of green groups are not satisfied, because the draft policy leaves room for loans to some projects – under special circumstances.

Over at The F-Word, it was a particularly busy week. Every evening saw me glued to Skype, interviewing candidates to fill a series of review editor positions. Narrowing down the right women for the job from the final list of candidates is my extremely tough task for this week.

We did manage to post a couple of features this week, regardless: Jane Fae’s will provoke sympathy from anyone who has gone through the long-winded process of changing their name, while horror films may be provoked and/or piqued by Mathilda’s report back from the Bloody Women strand of this year’s Birds Eye View film festival.

I’m not planning a career change just yet, but last week F-Word contributor zohra and I also had very small parts in this short film, conceived, written, scored, filmed and edited in only 48 hours:

PRECISION from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo.

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  1. Rebecca Leeb
    October 29, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Great post, let me know if you plan on making this a series.

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