Jess McCabe

I am a journalist and these are some of the stories I've been working on lately

The rise of the housing activist: an immersive story for Inside Housing

Me and my colleague Nick Duxbury have spent the last few weeks hard at work on something special, and very different for us as journalists on a trade magazine.

We have spent weeks of reporting on housing protests, interviewing activists and tenants on some of the estates at the sharpest end of London’s housing crisis – as well as talking in depth to social landlords, who have been surprised to find themselves criticised as complicit in ‘social cleansing’.

And we have brought that reporting together in an immersive, ‘Snowfall-style’ feature, the first of its kind for our magazine. And I got a little news reporting in as well, with this story about how a group of architects is setting up a ‘dark web’ site to allow professionals to leak documents related to controversial planning applications for regeneration.

Please do check it out here.

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