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The political situation in Germany got more complicated last week. Nuclear has always been more politically difficult in Germany, and the country decided to shut down its plants early. When Angela Merkel’s government struck a deal to extend the operating life of these plants, in return the utilities promised to pay hundreds of millions of euros into a fund to support renewables and energy efficiency.

Last week, that deal fell apart: what the implications will be for the renewables sector remain unclear, as the government hadn’t spelt out what it planned to do with that money – which represented a portion of the extra profits the utilities expected to generate from keeping those nuclear power stations going. The renewables lobby in Germany seemed fairly blase, however.

Efforts to drive up click rates for Environmental Finance’s email newsletter continued apace. In my continued fight to include cute animals in each and every week’s edition of the online news, this time sheep, posing politely in front of some wind turbines. The story is about offshore wind, but finding a photo of a sheep in a boat in the North Sea was stretching even my Google-fu. Some experimentation with personalisation produced a small but satisfying percentage increase in the click-rate.

Over at The F-Word, the task of finding the review editor team got serious. I’ll try and put together a proper post about going through this process, but I think it will have to wait until after the official announcement of the new team: which we are almost, but not quite, ready to do.

Quite a lot of political happenings last week in the UK will have some serious implications for women, so I trotted out a number of posts. One of these things is the defunding of the Poppy Project, a wonderful organisation which provides housing, counselling and support of all types to women who have escaped from traffickers.

I visited the Poppy Project and interviewed one of their staff many years ago, for the Feminist Library’s newsletter – way back when I was a trustee of the collection (go and see them if you have a chance – they live in Elephant & Castle).

And abortion rights are under threat again in the UK. Get ready for a long fight on that one.

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